I am a midwife working in Christchurch womens hospital. Been there for nearly 3 months now, noticed there are very few threads on midwifery. It is quite a different maternity system here as I already knew before coming but still is taking a bit of getting used to. I dont actually feel like a midwife anymore, more of an obstetric nurse! I dont feel I am being used to my full potential. But I am not here primarily for the job, but for lifestyle change and to get away from the buckling NHS. If there are any midwives looking to come out here and want a perspective on things feel free to contact! It would be a bit of a shock to come here not fully understanding what midwifery is here! Also pay/hours/holiday is not as good and it is not cheap to live here on New Zealand wages! Although we are ok. Be warned the midwifery council take a lot of money from you and then have the cheek to expect you to do extra study for more money and in your own time!