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    Default Bokashi compost

    Is anyone of you using Bokashi to turn you food scraps into compost?

    Can you recommend it?

    (Haven't made up my mind between Bokashi or wormery.)



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    at last something i know a bit about!

    wormeries are good, but bokashi is easier to do and probably more convenient, also the waste decomposes a lot quicker,

    We promote the bokashi systems at work, depending on where you are you can get money off the bokashi kit,

    eg in Auckland most councils are running bokashi/ composting course where u can get a discounted kit,

    Other option is to make your own as bokashi kit is $45.00 and you can get same rtesult using two plastic paint conatainers or similar as long as you can make it airtight.

    the only on going cost is for the EM compost accelerator/ bokashi mix "compost-zing" which is up to ten bucks a packet should need three to last a year.

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    Am I right in thinking you are able to compost more of the items in a bokashi than a standard compost bin? We are not allowed one in our current rental, but I have heard of people with a small bokashi in their garages

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    We bought a bokashi bucket and compost "zing" from the council earlier (36 $ for the lot), and apparently you can put all the foodscraps into it, including meat, eggs, fish - all the stuff I wouldn't put into a normal compost bin for fear of rats.

    Hopefully this will be less smelly, too...

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