If anyone has a room I can rent for a few weeks I would be grateful.

Hereís the situation. I found a place in live up on Mt. Vic (took a week to find) but since the other lease holder decided to move out and broke the lease the rental agency decided to get rid of the property and is kicking everyone out of the flat. My problem is that no one wants to rent out either a flat or a room to me till I secure a job. Iím looking for work and have several things lined up but nothing definite as of yet and donít want to be homeless or pay to stay in a hotel, and the hostels are pretty much booked up and or charge like 50 bucks a night.

What Iím looking for is just a small room in the Wellington area to rent for a few weeks till I can secure employment. I really donít have much besides a single bed and a plastic nightstand and clothes. If someone would help me out I would be eternally grateful. Either PM or email me at bgillmore@gmail.com if you might be about to help.

I'm really quite and don't have a problem helping out around the house. I do smoke however but more then willing to do that outside. I'm 31 years old and from the States (I voted for Kerry).

Also if you have any ideas that might help please feel free to post.