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    Default Packing boxes

    Hi folks,
    thinking about packing our own stuff. Did those of you that have done it get the moving company to provide boxes or do you source your own. Any links to suppliers?


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    We only brought 12 boxes over with us, selling all our furniture and gave stuff away, etc.

    We used Britannia, you have to use their boxes and this white sealing tape for them. From what i remember you had a choice of about 3 sizes of boxes and if i am not mistaken also had tea chests. You could buy bubble wrap from them, but we bought our own as it worked out a lot cheaper.

    We paid around 500 which included insurance and had to do an inventory for each box. They took around 8wks to get to us. The boxes are priced by volume also.

    There have been quite a few threads about the similar topic, and i am sure that i have read that someone actually packed their own house up, but cant recall who sorry.

    I am aure that someone will come along and help you.

    HTH in some way. If i can help further, please let me know.

    Good luck with the move!


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    We packed and shipped ourselves, so there was no removal company involved anyway. There are a lot of boxes for sale on ebay, some even with a "combi pack" including tape, bubble wrap etc. In the end we used a local shop specializing in packaging materials, so it might be an idea to have a look in your local Yellow Pages for a packaging specialist. And make sure you get the double-walled removal boxes, the single-walled ones are too flimsy.

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    We used John Masons, and they provided boxes to pack everything.

    However, we had wanted to get a bit of a head start, since we had a huge amount of stuff, so I bought a load of boxes over the internet from eBay.
    I've just had a look at my eBay records, and the seller I used doesn't seem to be trading any more, but there are plenty out there.


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    Just a quick word of warning about boxes on ebay - I bought some last year when we were moving house and they were less than useless! They were so thin you couldn't put any weight in them at all.

    We bought some more from a local storage place and they were great, it worked out they cost round about the same when you took into account the postage from ebay.

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