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    Ok silly question time, we have a wii and want to know are games easy to pick up over in NZ or will i need to stock up before we leave
    thanks from a embrassed wii player for asking this questioneyes:

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    Here are some NZ retailers that sell Wii games I found using Google NZ (

    Please keep in mind that Wii's are region locked, so depending on the region your Wii is locked to, it may not be able to play games sold in NZ (if they are different regions).


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    Australia and NZ are region 4, so you Wii will not play most games purchased in NZ unless you have it chipped or purchase a 3rd part key to unlock it. The problem with the software keys is that it can be circumvented by a future Nintendo software update - the problem with chipping is that it invalidates any warranty you may have on the product.

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    We're just going to have our family ship us any future wii games we want after we leave, but we'll be picking up the ones we want before we leave (Super smash bros brawl, wii fit, etc...). I actually think having my fam buy the games in the US and ship them will end up being cheaper for us.

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    Default Play any region Wii games on your Wii

    For those of you bringing your Wii's over you may want to know that Datel has just announced a product that gives you the possibility of running any regions games: laugh , due out around March for 10 I understand:


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