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Thread: One way or return with Singapore Airlines

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    Default One way or return with Singapore Airlines

    Im heading off to NZ at the end of the year on a WHV.
    Now my plan is to do a one way to NZ (with singapore airlines) and then get a around the world ticket starting and ending in NZ.
    Thing is in case of emergencys is it feasable to get a flexable return ticket with singapore airlines (cork->london->singapore->auckland) and cancel the return part of the ticket and get a refund?

    At the moment a one way (cork->london->singapore->auckland) will cost us Just over 750euro. Not too bad i suppose

    I know people have done this with air new zealand but can it be done with singapore airlines and what are the terms and conditions of the cancelation where i will get my money back?

    Would like to know what the options are?

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. I think you may find that New Zealand won't let you in on a one way ticket unless you have a visa other than tourist, so your round the world ticket may have to end elsewhere, unless you purchase an onward ticket out of New Zealand.
    I'm sure that someone else will be along shortly to correct me if I'm wrong

    Cath X

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    Your initial trip to NZ will be OK on a single ticket as you are on a WHV so you can either "hold a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket"

    You can of course buy a "round the world ticket" from NZ but I'm not sure how valid it would be?

    When you first arrive you will activate your WHV so with this type of visa, are you allowed to leave NZ and re-enter? If you can then I can't see a problem with the "round the world ticket" but otherwise you won't be able to get back to NZ on it.

    Why / when are you planning on the "round the world" trip? For example, if you arrive in NZ and then decide to stay and apply for a normal Work visa / permit then you would be able to use the "round the world" trip.


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