This forum has been a great help in introducing me to NZ Emigrants and the honest views.

I am working with Canadian High Commission, New Delhi and have more than 10 years of experience in IT Support / system admin. I got the WTR invitation & Work Visa Form a week back and submitted my application this week. Advised by the Customised Service Officer that the decision should not take more than 5 days.

I am eager to get a job by visiting NZ in May mid/end. Any clues- how to go about it? My field of specialisation is IT Support, System admin and IT Security. Which recruitment agencies are good in Auckland and Wellington regions? Which companies are currently recruiting in IT Support / System Admin / IT Security. Pl provide suggestions.

EOI Submitted March 2007
ITA Submitted - April 2007
NZQA applied - Sep 2007
Interviewed - October 2007
NZQA Received - Feb 2008
WTR expected - first week of May 2008
Planning to come to NZ - May mid/end 2008