Our plan A for the moment is to be determined in August, and would mean staying in Canada for the moment. If it doesn't work out (about 50% chance of that), we'll be going on to plan B, which is to come to NZ to work for a year. Since my husband is a teacher we would like to be there for the start of the school year, so January. I'm a midwife so my start date doesn't really matter, I could start a month or two later than him and would be happy with the NZ downtime! In the meantime, we don't want bo miss out on the NZ plan if plan A doesn't work out, so we want to get the ball rolling.

What I'm wondering is, even though everything says the process takes about 6-8 months, from the time of applying for our respective registrations, what is the realistic wait? Because if we get things going now, my registration is $1000, husband's is $450, and if we end up not going, then we've wasted a bunch of money, since I'm sure our registrations will have expired by the time we are ready to do this, which won't be for a few more years. Would we be gambling by waiting until late August to start the Process if the plan is for hubby to start work in February?

Another question for teachers, is it common for teachers to start work at other times of the year than the start of the school year? Would he hurt his chances of employment if the plan was to come for Term 2 instead?