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Thread: Old teacher out to grass

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    Default Old teacher out to grass

    Hi all, good to be back!

    This is probably a question only those who are thinking about teaching could answer. I used to be a teacher, am qualified and did 2 years in school but that was over 8 years ago. If I'm thinking of teaching in NZ I need to get NZQA assessment, yes, and also to register with the Teaching Council. However, I think the Council requires that you've done some teaching in the past 5 years before they will grant you registration.

    Short of going back to the classroom for a few months before I come out to NZ, is there any way around this one? I just saw a peach of a job but I think that, even if I was offered it, legally I wouldn't be able to do it. Any thoughts? I might just give it a pop anyway...

    If you've been in the forum BC (before catastrophe) you'll know that I've got an EOI selected from the pool already, just hoping that the teaching I did counts for something out there since it's an important part of my overall work experience total.


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    Hi one and all,

    Been away on holiday for a few days...and computer Armaggeddon (spelling??) seems to have struck, but I think I've caught up with things.

    Anyway Dan...I think I can offer a way around this one. If you visit the teachnz website, they do give details of refresher courses which are offered in NZ which are specifically designed for teachers returning to the classroom after some time out. If you contact the Council (e-mail or 'phone) they will tell you which ones are suitable for registration purposes. The Council website also gives details of accepted courses.
    Not ideal, because you would have to pay any uni fees as an overseas student and would have to be in NZ first...
    I think you'd still get your work experience points anyway as long as your teaching was relevant to your current employment; it just depends on whether you want to teach in NZ in the future.

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    Default Teacbing

    Can you share any info on what teaching is really like in NZ?

    Is the pay decent? Are there decent posts to be had? Do private (schools of choice that charge fees -- not state supported schools) pay well?

    Anything you would share with me?

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    Best sources of info are:
    For finding jobs:


    Teach NZ site worth careful reading:

    Good luck

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