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Thread: Any Sparkies out there????

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    Default Any Sparkies out there????

    are there any sparkies (electricians) out there that have taken the practical test in NZ for registration?? I have the City and Guilds part 1, 2 and 3 and JIB certificate, I am currently getting them assessed and will probably have to sit a practical test. I have not been a sparky for 12 years so will be a bit rusty and would appreciate any advice as to the content of the practical test.


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    Nick, I'm still on the wrong side of the world.

    I am a sparky but am not trying to gain PR through the SMC on that ticket, ( Dual skills ) but with my original qual's as Turner/Fitter. I want to see how I get on with that and if it works out too hard, then I was going to pull the sparky bits out of the hat and get NZQA to do their bit then.

    I too understand there is some sort of examination, but aswell as some practical work I think they also have quite a strong leaning towards H & S and First Aid. Also, I think that once you are registered it's an ongoing thing, ie: annually.

    I know there's a lot of " thinks " involved, it's just I haven't looked into that option much at the moment.

    Sorry I can't help, but would be interested to know what you find out.

    and good luck


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    hi nick
    im a sparkie still in the uk but in the process of appling.
    as well as the practical exam you also have to do a 'saftey tuition training' course which is a general health and safety course and some good info on nz electrics.
    you can do this course at nz house,(i did mine in dec 280)
    the person to contact is nick chandler at
    i can reccomend itif your going to go as a sparkie
    im off next month for 4 weeks to go job/house/school hunting
    and hope to find out more info about the practical exam and also wage rates etc
    like you i have city & guilds 1 +2,16th edition and testing & inspecting

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    Just thought I'd let all potential Sparkies about the situation over here, i heard on the radio news (in Auckland) about the severe lack of skilled electricians. Also talking to electricians in my work have found they are struggling to keep up with demand for sparkies.

    I've posted below an article from The New Zealand Herald which talks in a little more detail the extent of New Zealands shortage.

    Crossed wires on sparky training


    Electricians are warning homeowners needing emergency repairs they they may face months of waiting to get electrical work done.

    Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand (Ecanz) general manager Ray Barbara said in Christchurch yesterday that consumers needing fast repairs to faulty wiring would just have to join the queue.

    He said electricians were regularly turning away work because of a critical shortage of qualified people that could last for up to three years.

    As well as long delays including rewiring houses, consumers should expect to pay more for the privilege as market forces drove electricians' hourly rates up.

    But despite the booming times, some electricians were being forced to dismiss apprentices as a training funding shortfall had reached "crisis" point, Mr Barbara said.

    "We warned the Government of a funding shortfall six months ago.

    "Now, two months into the 2005 year, no further placements can be made."

    The Electrotechnology Industry Training Organisation (Etito) gets $9.5 million to train 7000 students a year, including 2700 electrician apprentices.

    "Electrician apprenticeships are now in crisis because the industry lacks adequate Government funding for apprentices attending off-job training courses," Mr Barbara said.

    The funding deficit was an especially bitter pill as Ecanz had spent a decade trying to convince school leavers and their parents of the merits of a electrician apprenticeship.

    Industrial Controls South Canterbury took on two electrician apprentices this year and found itself in the unenviable position of having to tell one of the two that there was no funding for his training.

    Its human resources manager, Erin McNaught, said applications for formal training for both apprentices were made at the same time.

    While one was successful, the other was knocked back because there was no money in the Etito coffers to pay for his education.

    "He was pretty disappointed," she said. "It puts the brakes on his learning."

    Ms McNaught said it was disappointing the Government couldn't commit to funding such training.

    - NZPA

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    Little bit of a different situation here. Hubby works at as a supervisor at a wood mill. He also works as an electrician for a local company on his days off. Has been for almost 5 years. Is not licensed, so we have not been looking into this for NZ. But with such a shortage, might be a good idea.
    I am wondering, if there is anyone from US taking this route or that knows what to do here.
    Should he get his license here?
    Then what would he need to do to be qualified for NZ?
    And could he do any of it from US??

    Sorry for all of the questions..........


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    I'm an apprentice here in Canada and was hoping to move to NZ once I become licensed.. I was told that (once I'm licensed) when I come to NZ I have to take Level 3 & Level 4 exams, whatever that means. You can work right away with some sort of temp license, but you're supposed to be supervised. The US/Canada electrical codes are very similar, so I imagine the say would apply to an American electrician.

    If you read that news story about the British family that couldn't get decent paying electrical work, I recall he said he had to pay around NZ$2000 to take the required coures.

    Hope that helps a bit..


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