Hi guys.

I would be very pleased to read about aspirations, experiences or simply comments and facts from any plumbers & gasfitters either still in the UK or already out in NZ.

My husband is currently plumbing here in Nelson. There is little gas work here and no reticulated supply. Solar is his specialised subject. I woz an accountant in a previous life.No more, thank goodness. We don't have children.
His rate of pay is $21 per hour and $1 tool allowance.
The plumbing and gasfitting trade here, in practice, is quite different from the UK we have found, as are some of the attitudes.
Phil has just sat the PGDB plumbing registration exam. Has anyone else just been through this ?
What did you think of the standard of the exam ....Autopsy table question springs to mind.
Did you enjoy the mathematical equations .. have you EVER used them in day to day working practice?
How have you found the PGDB to be with regard to help and information.
Likewise your employer.
Does anyone have any actual hard facts regarding the illusive, mysterious , practical asessment requirements. Rumour is three weeks unpaid for a block practical course for plumbing. Same - one week for Gas. Maybe Wellington or Auckland.
Can anyone see themselves being able to go self employed in a few years time, after all the red tape, practical assessments, registration exams and craftsman exams have been completed to PGDB satisfaction?
How are you affording all the fees?

Here are some of the fun aspects we have experienced to date.

PGDB do not answer emails or give helpful information.
PGDB regard a dyslexic as 'handicapped'.
NZ plumbing trade lead the world and are superior craftsmen, accepted worldwide..
Kiwi plumbers 'Do it all'.. UK plumbers dont know zip...
Why use a fitting , when you can braze a joint which breaks the Oz standards 3500.
No overflows..
A commitment to hide all pipes , no matter how inaccessible.
White spiders under houses.
Drains .

This is a genuine post.. with genuine interest.
Our own lives are bound up completely with this NZ trade , its red tape , attitudes and pay scale.
Having been in Nelson now since last June, we have some thinking to do!
Would be pleased to hear from others .