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Thread: Auckland and Christchurch homestays/ rentals and institutes

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    Default Auckland and Christchurch homestays/ rentals and institutes

    Please help me with a comparison for Auckland and Christchurch for following questions.

    Please answer whatever question 's you can if not all.

    A lot of thanks for your effort to answer.

    I am planning to come as a student.

    1)What are the weekly expenses for homestay(including 3 times meal) at both places and what other expenses will be there apart from homestay

    and how much would they cost?

    2)if one takes a rented accomodation of a single room (without sharing)
    what would be the normal cost per week?

    5) Anyone knows something about CPIT,Christchurch or AIS, St. Helens, Auckland can help me compare these institutes and if possible specifically
    about graduate diploma in IT (level 7) that they offer? (I know the content details but i would like some information about the level of the course content and quality of teaching.)

    7) Does any of these courses help you do a project during internship at a real IT company?

    8) What are the chances of finding a job in a IT company after completion of IT diploma from these institutes? Are the courses good enough to provide practical knowledge to be useful in real industry level projects or to gain a job?

    9)Are there enough part time jobs available to students at both places ?

    10)what is the normal pay rate for part time jobs at both places?

    11)What is the possibility of finding a web developer/ job at both places if you have about 2 years of experience?

    Can you find a part time web developer job ?

    12)Does Christchurch lack in any kind of facilities compared to Auckland?

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    I can offer a little bit of advice.

    You might want to check Student Job Search at to see what kind of part-time student employment is available in Auckland and Christchurch. The schools may also have jobs boards (hopefully with more lucrative IT jobs), but Student Job Search will give you a start.

    As for flat sharing arrangements, have a look at the TradeMe Flatmates Wanted section at Keep in mind that power, phone and internet may be charged in addition to weekly rent.

    As far as IT jobs for graduates, check out New Zealand job web sites like Seek at

    Good luck!

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