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Thread: Storm damage and insurance claims

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    Default Storm damage and insurance claims

    As a result of the heavy rain last night, we developed a leak above the glass skylight that is a feature of our entrance hall . We duly put a bucket down and retired to bed. This morning the leak had developed and had now turned into a large rugby ball shaped blister behind the paint

    I popped it and it doesnt seem to be leaking anymore and it's not a patch on the damage lots of folks have suffered, just annoying.

    Not had a chance to get on roof to find the cause as weather still bit rough, but we're going to have to paint hallway at the very least.

    So phoned up Insurance company and long and short of it is, a claim will cost us $375 .........

    That's made up of the excess,$150 and rest increased premiums to get back the 30% NCB that we'll lose, altho the money would get us up to 40%NCB, if you follow my drift, me thinks it'll be a DIY job.

    However, same company but business arm will arrange for windscreen firm to contact me and repair chips in 4x4 at no cost, no charge , no loss of NCB.

    Swings and Roundabouts eh eh

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    Oh, but as you say, could have been a lot worse.

    Have you thought about paying a no-excess fee - we pay $100 a year and that ensures we have no excess to pay (via State).

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    We're just weighing up if its worth claiming for the damage we received. Rang the insurance so they could register our damage down, and we're just pricing up at the moment the costs. We have an excess of $150 to pay and then with the rasied premiums over the next two years it would take the cost up to $300.

    The kids 12 foot trampoline got trashed (it took off like a kite, luckily only knocked down a bit of next doors fencing which they sorted themselves - Kev offered but they were out there as soon as the wind dropped repairing it.) Some of the ornamental garden lamps outside were also blown over and have smashed so will need replacing.

    We're just trying to find some idea of prices so we know how much we'd be looking at - tramps seem to be around $400-$600 depending where you look, and i can't find any lamps online at all!!

    You do have to think carefully about putting in a smaller claim, what the hidden costs will be over the long term.

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