Hi everyone! before i ramble, i want to thank everyone here that has so much advice to offer. (btw, this is my first post).have spent so many hours reading threads my housework is piling up! here in the US i have been working as an RN doing high risk mother/baby for 3+ yrs. sounds nice right? well its ok once you get past the drug addicted moms and hence the babies. i found this site because my husband and i want out of this political mess, the US (where our vote dont mean a thing) . we have three boys ages 13,9 and 9. i was hit with the suspected news this morning that my 2 yr degree in nursing doesn't mean a thing in other countries, so now i feel hopeless as to the cost of living anywhere else . my husband does construction(specifically floors), so now that is my only hope, even though he would take huge paycut anywhere we go(he has union here that makes his pay relatively nice). so now i am thinking maybe i could work as a nurse aid and get the school i need while in NZ. but from hearing stories, i dont know if we could make enough $$ (to survive the cost of living)with me working as a nurses aid. BUT on the other hand, here the US dollar will mean zip,ziltch soon(which also will affect every other country i think). so maybe i am just 'venting' right now, but also i am looking for encouragement maybe. also i guess i have to find info on nurse aids now, so any info would be appreciated. Also, i am curious, if ^**& hits the fan globally, how self reliant is NZ?