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Thread: Auckland Quarantine for Dogs - best?

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    Question Auckland Quarantine for Dogs - best?

    Can anyone who has recently undergone the dog quarantine process around Auckland recommend a facility they liked?

    We are looking to move our four year old golden retriever over in February. So far the options look to be the "qualified pet services" or "pethaven".

    Any thoughts?

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    Qualified pet services is pretty good. We didn't have a dog in there but a cat, but we saw the facilities for dogs.
    I liked the way they treated the animals as well. Depending on where you live, it is quite a way out of Auckland, so you might keep that in mind when you choose a facility.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum VTBoarder..

    You don't say where you are but obviously a country that necessitates pets being quarantined upon arrival in NZ.

    When I moved here from Canada I investigated the possibility of bringing our dog along. We eventually decided against it but as part of that process I visited both facilities and toured the kennels and talked to the managers etc.

    My personal opinion was that Pethaven was a better operation (for my dog anyway).

    My reasons were:
    Pethaven is smaller, has 12 (i think) kennels for dogs in their quarantine section, they were not full when I was there. Qualified had 40 kennels and when I visited there was a huge howling/barking session going on which I heard even from the car park. My dog could never have put up with that on a constant basis.

    Pethaven's kennels have an open wire fencing which allows the animals to look out over the fields and hills, Qualified has a cement wall which is four feet high so the dogs get to look at a wall all day long.
    I thought Pethaven looked really clean and bright. Qualified didnt look as clean and bright.(to me)
    The manager of Pethaven was the owner, lived on site at the farm, and my personal feeling was that I liked her right away. When I visited, she had two german shepherds from South Africa going through quarantine (shortly after they arrived she found out the female was pregnant unknown to the owners) and she cared for the mother through the pregnancy and birth) I was really impressed with the personal attention she gave this situation. Qualified might have responded just as well but this was my experience with Pethaven.

    Now I have to reiterate, I did not quarantine my dog at either place. But I definitely would have chosen Pethaven. However I know others have used both facilities without any problems, It was just my personal opinion as I was very concerned as to how my dog would deal with quarantine. (Being a rescue dog she was terrified of kennels, cages etc)
    Others can give you their opinions and I suggest you read the threads on here on pet quarantine as there is lots to learn, not just about the quarantine facility but the whole process.

    good luck, PM me if you want to.

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    Thanks for that info! I am now trying to change the quarantine reservation to the Pethaven instead of Qualified.

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    My dogs are at Pethaven and I am really pleased with the facility. My dogs are housed together and have nice beds and blankets and a nice view of the outside.
    Pethaven is out in the country and a little hard to find, though once we got close there were plenty of signs. I guess about 40 minutes or so from the airport in Auckland, which is in the south part of town.
    You can PM me if you have questions, though my internet is a bit spotty what with traveling.

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