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    Bit of a 'techie' question here....

    Does anyone know if the old CB (Citizen's Band) radio system is still used in New Zealand? Or have they moved on to newer systems?

    Wold it be legal for me to use my UK/European "PMR 446"-type of walkie-talkies in New Zealand? If not, is there some other standard system in use there?


    Pete M.

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    Have a look here, should be able to find all you need to know..... it has all the frequencies etc.

    I know there is a CB service here.... don't know how popular though. Seems to be mainly used by farmers

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    The normal CB PRS system is available here, 40 channels.

    I've got 0.5 watt Uniden Walkie Talkies for the kids

    (you can buy a 4 pack for $99 so they are cheap enough),

    and also have a couple of Uniden 2 watt jobs for greater range, depending on where we are going, so yes if you mean the PRS CB system, it's available here and works well.


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