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Thread: Buying a car in Auckland

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    For all looking for a new car in Auckland. Go to Ellerslie racecourse 9-12 on a sunday and it is like a giant car boot but only selling cars.

    They range from really cheap to expensive you can get them checked out there on site for $140 dollars.

    We are well chuffed with our cheap Nissan March. After getting it checked managed to get roughly another 20% knocked off asking pprice.

    Left $100 deposit and settled with seller next day.

    Don't change ownership there for $30 do it next day for $9.20 at post office.

    Great place for camper vans as well.
    You can test drive to your hearts content including up the motorway.

    Drive away if you want the same day.

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    This sounds brilliant - and exactly the sort of thing we were looking for to get a car.

    Does anyone know if there is anything similiar in Christchurch?



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    The car fair is great but just be wary of people who buy at the auction in Penrose during the week then resell for a profit on the Sunday - seemed to be a tonne of these when I was looking for my car!

    As long as you ask them how long they've owned it for, and be wary of people "selling it for their friend"

    It's defintiely a lot easier than having to drive all over Auckland looking for cars

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    This is the website for the car fair, which allows you to search what is for sale etc.


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