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Thread: Caller ID in NZ?

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    Default Caller ID in NZ?

    How does caller ID work in NZ? Is it like the US, where you can choose whether or not to show your number when calling someone, etc? Or is there always a way to see who's calling?

    I guess this would be referring to Telstra Clear phone service, or whatever's most used.

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    I have the number of whose calling come up on my vodaphone cell phone, but not the name. But then my phone is the bottom of the line cheapo. I don't have caller ID on my home phone so I don't see anything when anyone calls.

    Big fan of making prank calls?

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    As far as I know, it only applies to mobile phones (cellphones), not landlines, so your name only appears if you are on the person you are calling's address book. Unsure if you can withhold on that basis?


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    Number Withhold user guide

    Number Withhold for individual calls (per call)

    Before dialling the phone number, simply dial 0197 or 197 if the number you are calling from has a toll bar.

    This code activates Number Withhold for that call only.

    You need to dial in the code every time you want to withhold your number.

    Number Withhold (automatic)
    If you have this service, just dial the number as usual. Your number will never be displayed, except to 111 emergency services and our operators.

    Number Withhold override

    You can override Number Withhold (automatic) by dialling 0196 or 196 if the number you are calling from as a toll bar.

    You will need to dial this code every time you want to override Number Withhold (automatic).

    More Info on,8...4-1019,00.html

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