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    Hi All :cool

    The Kiwis have a frequent buyer program here called "Fly Buys".

    Every time you buy something at a participating store you can give them your Fly Buy card and receive points toward airfare and many other rewards.

    When you move you will end up spending a good deal of money on many things...the points add up fast and it's free to join.

    We didn't join right away and missed out on a lot of points, so I'd sign up as soon as you arrive and/or have a NZ address.

    Here's their website:

    Just a little thing that can add to your move!

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    My mother in law is fly buy mad, she engineers her shopping trips around which shops will give her points.

    Funny thing is though - she never uses them !!!!

    Are they transferrable?

    Maybe she could give them to me !!

    Good advice, I'll get signed up right away.


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    Don't know if you can sign up for fly buys while you in the UK, but if you're planning on flying Air NZ, then you can get fly buys on the price of your ticket (so quite a few!) so might be worth looking into....

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