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    We've booked our one-way flight to NZ with Singapore Airlines and have a 2 night stopover in Singapore itself.

    Picking up from previous comments from a different thread... is the Singapore Stopover Package worth it's money... supposedly reduced hotel prices and various freebie trips, or are we best booking direct with a preferred hotel?

    Also, do you know whether it's still possible to book a Singapore Stopover Package, as we paid for our flights a few weeks ago and I'm wondering whether the 2 require paying at the same time?


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    You can pay for the stopover after you've paid for the tickets, however I think the deadline is 96 hours before you depart - after that you can't book it.

    We ended up being too late and booked something direct ourselves, which I must say was fantastic. I think others have found the package plus the freebies good value. A search will show you, if nobody who's actually booked it replies.

    Hope you have a fab stay.


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    There are many "freebies" in the package. The benefit you get is dependant on what you choose to do in the time you have available in Singapore. The stopover brochure states the entry fees for the respective activities (do note the distiction between "free tansfers to" and "entry fees"!). Once you have an idea of what activities you will select, you can then work out if the package is cost effective.

    I did this myself after contacting the hotels directly and getting quotes for their room rates. I found that for 2 adults and 3 kids - the package was marginally worth it.


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