I have just been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol (6.3) and high blood pressure. I've started Lipitor for the cholesterol, will start a bp med, and the diabetes seems manageable with my good diet (normal fasting sugars tested at home)

We are running out of time to submit our ITA, and we're not sure if the house will sell in time to get to Welly by June anyway (the job deadline).....so if we decide to go for it at the last minute would I pass the medical needed for OH's work visa (assuming my meds produce normal ranges) ?

My BMI is under the nz limit, so I feel guilty asking as someone who already has ALL the risk factors when so many out there with higher bmi's and no problems are having trouble getting in.

Any words of advice? Any experience willing to share? Hard cold truths? etc
If we get in on the work visa we'd then re-start the pr process, or if we can't make it by June we'll stay in Canada and re-start pr process....but only if we think I can potentially pass a medical....yikes (I'm not aging gracefully!)

Job offer in negotiations since July 08
Contract arrived Dec 31 08
eoi submitted and selected Jan 14
ITA received Jan 27
Still trying to sell house (in negotiations)
OH expected in Wellington by June to start work (he won't go without me)