Hi All :cool

Here's a quick one about lawn mowers. Small thing I know, but if you have a good lawn mower and plan on buying a place with a lawn here, bring it with you! The cost of lawn mowers here literally shocked us. Some sell for NZ$1200 or more! :eek Okay, you can get a decent one for around NZ$500, but that's still about 50% more than we're used to paying in the U.S.!

We had a nice one but understood that the MAF had problems with people importing them so we sold it for US$75 before we moved. Aurgh! :? Now that we're here we found out that if you clean them up really well...no mud, clippings in the bag, etc., it's not a problem. You'll have to empty the gas tank completely, etc. too, but it's really worth it.

Say...if you have a good one and aren't planning on using it here, bring it anyway...I'll buy it!!