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Thread: Offshore oil and gas jobs

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    Default Offshore oil and gas jobs

    Hi all.
    I am hoping to move to NZ in about 2 years, maybe less and get a job offshore.

    I am currently working offshore in the North Sea and have almost 2 years experience.

    I work for a service company, I spent some time doing MWD and now work as a fluid sampling specialist (pressurised downhole sampling).

    I have a degree in physics.

    I am looking for some advice and answers to questions.

    How easy is it to get a job offshore in NZ. Is there a high demand? I am unlikely to get a transfer through the company I am working for now so would need to get a new job.

    What is the pay like?

    What are the working conditions like? Are the rigs decent condition or is it 8 man cabins etc.

    What kind of rotation is the normal?

    I would apreciate any advice on applying for a job also..

    Many thanks

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    There are jobs out there as the amount of people in NZ with the right experience and skills are short compaired with the UK. The pay is great as far as NZ standards are concerned but not comparable to what you would get in the UK for the same job (as with most jobs here).

    I'm not sure about living conditions but 4 on 4 off is the norm as far as rotation is concerned.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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