Hi all.
I am hoping to move to NZ in about 2 years, maybe less and get a job offshore.

I am currently working offshore in the North Sea and have almost 2 years experience.

I work for a service company, I spent some time doing MWD and now work as a fluid sampling specialist (pressurised downhole sampling).

I have a degree in physics.

I am looking for some advice and answers to questions.

How easy is it to get a job offshore in NZ. Is there a high demand? I am unlikely to get a transfer through the company I am working for now so would need to get a new job.

What is the pay like?

What are the working conditions like? Are the rigs decent condition or is it 8 man cabins etc.

What kind of rotation is the normal?

I would apreciate any advice on applying for a job also..

Many thanks