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Thread: Suburbs in Invercargill

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    Default Suburbs in Invercargill

    who knows anything about the suburbs in Invercargill?

    just trying to get my head around properties to rent once there but haven't got a clue what's a good place to live in the town or around etc.

    anyone know?

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    I have the same problem LOL. I do have a friend of sorts in bluff he answer some of my questions about the area. I don't have answer for you just means of sorts to your answer. Helpful huh?


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    As far as I recall Windsor and Avenal (either side of Queens Park) are some of the better areas in town, and Otatara is nice out past the airport. But most suburbs are alright, with those towards the south (Bluff) end maybe being a bit more iffy.

    If you are up for a 25 min drive then Riverton is a cool place, a proper seaside town.

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    cool, thanks - that helps.
    it's so hard when you haven't actually visited the place.
    I guess once there we will get a much better idea - but at the moment, just trying to get an idea.

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    dont forget that you can literally walk around the streets of invercargill with google street - pretty much all of it has been 'streeted' about 18 months ago so you can get a real feel for it!

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    When I first arrived here I was informed that anything northside is the 'desirable' side and anything southside 'undesirable'. Tay Street is considered the boundary. Mongrel Mob's HQ are on the southside and I think so are the Road Knight's HQ. Anything in Avenal, Rosedale and Windsor should be fine. If you don't mind being out of town slightly, then Otatara is good too. Unfortunately one won't be immune from the hoons. Good luck with the search!

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    Quote Originally Posted by enb View Post
    ..... Tay Street is considered the boundary. Mongrel Mob's HQ are on the southside and I think so are the Road Knight's HQ.

    That's right both Mongrel Mob's and Road Night's HQs are southside, I think it was the Mongrel Mob's HQ that was attacked and burnt down last year.

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    Invercargill is divided by the main railway line into two halves: North Invercargill and South City (and also Otatara, off to the side)

    The suburbs in North Invercargill, or the suburb of Otatara itself, are all very nice. Gladstone and Avenal have many large stately homes and are very leafy and very old (and expensive), while Windsor and Richmond are nice and have good access to amenities. Waikiwi and Rosedale are newer areas with many modern homes and subdivisions. As for Otatara, it's nice, but some parts of Otatara don't have access to the city water supply so must have a tank. Only places in North Invercargill to avoid would be Glengarry and Grasmere, anywhere I haven't mentioned should be fine too.

    As for South City, there are some crappy parts (ESPECIALLY Clifton, it's a running joke due to proximity to sewage treatment plant and some unsavoury residents), but I mean, there's nothing down there like there is in South Auckland (NZ's Bronx) or anything. It's just that you can do a lot better in Invercargill as there are some very pleasant suburbs in the North compared to those in South City. Also for schools, it's best to stick with North Invercargill too.

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