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Thread: Royal Brunai Cheap flights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacqi B View Post
    It can be very bad (don't get me started on LAX) and I'll never fly via LAX again unless I have to. Am I right in thinking that the double baggage allowance is via the states generally rather than via LAX specifically? We're planning to go via San Franscisco. Hopefully we will get the double baggage allowance, plus I want to visit SF.
    I believe that's so.

    I had a bad experience with LAX, too, even worse because looking after my elderly Mum at the time. If you go via Hong Kong with AirNZ, your bags also stay on the plance. As far as I can see, the only advantage of going via LA is the extra baggage allowance, and HK is SO much more civilized.

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    Thanks all
    have clicked now so it's positive thoughts about LAX, double baggage allowance and cases staying on the plane

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