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Thread: NZ job search sites?

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    Default NZ job search sites?

    We will be arriving in Blenheim in just 4 weeks and I need to start sending CVs out to potential employers.....

    Is there an easy to search yellow pages specific to Blenheim? Or should I go with the normal yellow pages?

    Also...are there other sites besides TradeMe and Seek that I am missing?
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    Just my two pence worth, don't send out CVs without talking to someone first as you will not get a reply. Same applies for job adverts, always call (if they don't give a number then call the main one and ask for the HR department).

    I applied for about 10 jobs before I got one, I had 4 interviews and in each case I called before I sent them any details whereas for ther other 6 I just did everything online.

    Most job ads are getting huge numbers of applicants so you need to give yourself the best chance of standing out.

    In addition to the sites posted above, try local universities, health boards, newspaper websites, etc etc as the jobs posted there tend to get seen by fewer people than those on Seek.

    The online yellow pages is a good place to start but I had more luck by just asking each person I spoke to whether they knew of anyone else I could try (assuming they didn't have anything). NZ is a bit different to some other countries, companies seem happier to share extra work with other companies and as such they tend to know who the good ones are and also who might be looking to employ more staff.

    Best of luck

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