Hi all, Im a long time reader here but 1st time i have left any questions, but before i ask i would like to say what a great help this site and all of your Q&A's have been to me. so here goes ......

I am looking to move to NZ chc/selwin area on a LTBV with my wife and 2 kids (18 mnths and 2nd due in 10 weeks (gulp)) my question is Can you purchase a business over there before you recieve your visa (to clarify this i meen to purchase a business [already found one of great interest to me] and have it managed for me by a local. then to apply for the ltbv and move out there to expand and improve on the current business).

If done in this order i would be very worried that
1. i might not be approved for the ltbv, so would have effectivly spent alot of money on a business i could not get out too to run effectivly. ....and

2. while the cat is away the mice will play (chance that manager will not do all he/she can to run the business smoothly untill my arival).

any sugestions are welcome on this.

I am also curiouse as to how the school fees for my children would be effected as i belive that international students are charged alot more for education where as PR have a reasonable rate. or does the ltbv class my children as permanent residents??

Many thanks and keep up the good work