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    Default NZQA please read

    For anyone thinking of making the move down here.
    Please read some of the comments posted of this site relating to your qualifications and how NZQA deal with them.

    If you look on the "comments about NZQA" link and read the sixth comment down.
    This is typical of what you will find here in New Zealand.
    Regardless of your line of work or experiance in your chosen field.
    You are most likely going to have prove and prove again that you meet the requirments laid out in any job applications.
    The sad truth is that you will most likely be far more qualified than any of your NZ trained colleagues.
    You will hold higher qualifications gained from more accademically competent schools/colleges/universities. You will probably also have many years essential experiance working at a much higher level than you will encounter in NZ and yet you will be treated with distrust and your qualifications will scrutinised far more rigourously than any of your workmates or other applicants for positions you apply for.
    This is true of almost all government run organisations and also the majority of educational institutions.
    Do not assume that because your position is on the skills shortage list that things will be any different.
    I'm not saying ALL people are treated this way but a large portion of immigrants are.
    Its as though there is an assumption that we all buy our certificates online or pick them up from a back street dealer during our stop overs in singapore or Hong Kong

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    Yes, poor people.

    And yes, some forumites have had problems with NZQA.

    However, to be fair, the link here goes to a forum which is ONLY for people who have a grievance with NZQA they haven't managed to sort out: by its nature, there aren't going to be any posts on it from people who have submitted their qualifications and had them assessed at the level they expected.

    Besides the trouble-free assessments, here on ENZ, we have seen the stories of some who had a disappointing result at first, but who then, by arguing their case and presenting further evidence if necessary, got a successful outcome. (Even the man mentioned on the home page at the other place eventually did that.) So NZQA isn't all bad.

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    We had an issue with OH's education. He received 2 certificates for one program but they only counted one cert... we let them know and it was corrected in a few weeks. With all the hurdles we've had that was probably the easiest one!

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    mine were only pre assessed no probs and had to include a sub category so i found it pretty easy.

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    To be fair, they are going to look more closely at a 'foreign' qualification as it will not be so familiar to them.
    If an employer in the UK was presented with two qualifications - one UK and one NZ, they are likely to recognise the UK one far more easily than the NZ one.

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