Right, we're not even at the stage of completing our EOI for the Skilled Migrant category yet, but I want to straighten this out in my head first.

I have looked at the NZQA list of qualifications exempt from assessment, so I guess that means that they automatically give you the bonus points? I have a BSc (Hons), a Postgrad Diploma and an MSc.

From what I can figure out, my BSc (hons) is exempt because it was from Brunel University, which is an exempt institution, and any Bachelor (Honours) degree from there is exempt.

My MSc is in Corporate Communication. It is from Leeds Met University, which is also an exempt institution, but I can't tell if this particular Masters is exempt or not.

My Postgrad Diploma will not be exempt.

Now, if I include all of my qualifications on my EOI and my MSc is not exempt, will they want it assessed by the NZQA? Or, seeing as it is only worth 5 points, can I just ask them to use the points from my BSc (Hons) to save time?

Thanks in advance.