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Thread: Can anyone recommend a shipping company from BC?

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    Default Can anyone recommend a shipping company from BC?

    Hi there,
    There's probably lots of previous posts on this, but I'm very good at getting lost on the forums!eyes:
    We're in BC, Canada and looking to find a shipping company to take our stuff to the South Island.
    I don't even know where to begin finding someone. If anyone can recommend someone, or direct me to the previous posts, that would be fab!!

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    We used Rainier Moving from Seattle and had a great experience. Not sure if they do moves from BC but it would be worth checking out. The contact we used was Dave Wiviot.

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    Default SDV

    I had a container shipped via SDV Logistics International ex-Vancouver to Lyttleton port in Christchurch. This was about 5 years ago which consisted of a car and some personal goods.

    They may not be the cheapest but at the end, I was SO PLEASED that I had emailed their contact in Vancouver saying how the whole process finished with no hitches.

    In comparison, my uncle had a container being shipped ex-CA Long Beach USA which also consisted of a car. Upon arrival (which took well over 3 months), MAF threw the whole book at him and ordered the container to be cleaned TWO TIMES because the vehicles in the container had sweated so much - in addition to methyl bromide treatment ALL at your own cost. Why? IMO the shipping company in NZ had used the cheapest shipping route. Which mean the container when on a worldwide sailing from US to China to Malaysia and god knows how many stops and transfers it had before coming to NZ.

    My SDV experience had none of that because I strictly specified the vessel to sail direct as possible from Vancouver to NZ. You get for what you pay.

    When my container arrived. I was able to arrange with the MAF officier at the bond yard for 1st opening of the container. To my eye I was impressed that the container did not sweat one bit - no signs of water marks on the car as it was just as I last seen it loaded in the container in Vancouver.

    I should add that if you do decide to bring a vehicle over, SDV arranged proper crating of the car (involves wood tieing down the vehicle in the container and or building partition walls if you choose to have other items shipped inside the container) by a company called CRATEX. At the time the charge was reasonable at around $500. At the NZ end, the MAF officer mentioned how important crating vehicles were as in the past, he has seen cars arrived flipped upside-down inside the container. He mentioned how well the ties were done as the 2 young workers (NZ end shipping company) had a difficult time removing the wood ties with their crow bars - it must of taken them 30 minutes when it would of normally been a 10 minute job. They cursed how the nails were nail gunned through the container (big nails strong enough to pierce through the container steel walls and floors). The workers said they've never seen it done that way before - hats off to canuck building.

    In addition to supplying all the proper documentation to the shipping agent, I also had them arrange for insurance which was underwritten by Loyds of London.


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