I've done a few searches and seen a bit about Tauranga, but there's a lot less info as you'd expect compared to the big 3. I've been slightly blindsided by the thought of living in Tauranga by a possible job offer that I thought would be ChCh, or even Auckland, but it seems theres a lot of work happening in Tauranga so in the short and medium term they are keen for people there.

So can anyone tell me about life there, not just the suburbs of choice. Allegedly its rapidly growing, but is that coming at a cost. What's driving the growth. Are the services becoming stretched, or is it a case of there being the infrastructure there now in advance of all the people.

And I know that broadband is a hit and miss affair anywhere in NZ, but any experiences in Tauranga, as chancesa are my wife would at least initially continue to work for her UK company remotely, but that would of course rely on broadband.

I like the location in terms of access to Taupo and the Coromandel, two of our favourite places from the recce. We did stay just outside Tauranga, but stayed at the campsite on the night and drove straight through Bethlehem and the edge of Tauranga the next morning without stopping so didn't get to see anything of what it was like.

Many thanks in advance for any comments.