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For those self employed people - check with your accountants to ensure you are not overpaying on your payments on account if you are leaving the country in the 2005/06 tax year i.e get your tax return done ASAP for 5/4/2005 and then reduce your second payment on account in July 05 to take account of the full tax bill for 04/05. You can then sort out final tax for 05/06 in Jan and Jul 06 payments (or sooner if you contact your local tax office and explain you are emigrating and sign a p85)

Good luck!
This is what I did - as I was winding down 18 months before coming out here. Also, you may be able to claim a certificate to exempt you from paying National Insurance contributions if your last years income is going to be below the personal allowance threshold, as mine was.

Hubby was employed and got a healthy chunk back last year, but is due another 1000 this year in tax refund. Then he too is clear of the UK tax system.