I posted a while ago and everyone was really positive and helpful.
We have applied for PR skilled migrant with myself having a teaching job offer, unfortunately my husband was diagnosed from the medical xray with SARCOIDOSIS.
This process started back in NOV with the medicals by the time we had consultant reports, CT scan and blood results we finally submitted our app in JAN.
We got a co very quickly who is absolutely fab, Richards medicals were sent straight to a ma who sent back requesting 3 month deferral to await lung function test and integral xray showing whether the condition had progressed, remained static or regressed.
Richard had already progress within 2 weeks as stated on the 2nd letter sent from the consultant stating blood results back to normal range and no treatment was deemed necessary as he was otherwise very fit and healthy still showing no symptoms.
I was upset that the ma did not accept this from the consultant as progression. My main concern is that next week when Richard has his next xray if it is still showing any signs of sarcoidosis on his lungs will the ma automatically reject. Surely if he has remained static or even progressed slightly but still not totally clear on xray the ma would have to accept as he is not receiving any treatment.
I was wondering if we got the deferral due to Richards condition being newly diagnosed.

I have not found anyone with sarcoidosis on the review board for a medical waiver, i have also traced 2 people with the same condition through this site that were passed !!
Can anyone offer any more advice ?
Thanks Sarah