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    Default School uniforms

    I read an article at the Howick and Pakuranga Times about school uniforms and how expensive they are, there was a lot of complain from the children parents about how high are the prices.

    Just today I paid about $100 for a single uniform (without the shoe) for my new entrant daughter, I asked the office manager and she said that uniforms are NZ made which makes the cost high.

    She also confirmed that they are not making money of it.

    There is no way to buy from local market due to some logos and lines embroidered at the chest (even the socks).

    For sure one uniform is not enough, also there is winter uniform that should be ordered before winter.

    So here is another budget that you have to keep in mind.

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    Default Uniform Free!!!!

    I was so pleased this summer holiday as I knew I would not be buying school uniforms. Finally my son is out of school and entering the workforce.

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    Many schools run second-hand uniform sales - this can save you a lot of money.

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    Ali, I am pretty sure you meant $ 1000?

    Yes, uniforms are not cheap,

    we had 4 children to dress in the first year, but we did not have different ones for summer and winter, just jerseys added....

    and, however they did it, part of the uniforms lasted them for three years..., including my daughter's and one of the sun's shoes, they must have grown with them!

    So, yes, it is expensive, but I found it not as bad as it looked first, and you don't need to buy that many other clothes , as well.

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