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Thread: Best Place for Car Tyres in Auckland ?

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    Default Best Place for Car Tyres in Auckland ?

    I Need to replace all tyres on a Honda Odyssey 215/65's. :-(

    Does anyone know where the best and reasonably priced in Auckland I could get these and fitted ?



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    Best to check with Honda dealer for recommended tyres for your car, and what you specifically use the car for

    - i.e. daily runner,

    long distance,

    semi off road use,

    infrequent use,

    towing, etc.

    A Tyre has different composition and no. of layers (e.g. steel belted/nylon/poly, etc).

    Thus best to get tyres that suit the car's use.

    Then whether if suitable for preferred brands or imported tyres (often cheaper).

    You may have to do a bit of phone calling - I often use Trade and Exchange ads. Best to phone call, rather than visit - as sometimes what they advertise are not always available...

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    Not sure where you are in Auckland, but after getting quotes from several places, Firestone Glenfield on Sunnybrae Road came up with the best price for me.

    Tel: 443 7847.

    Good service too.

    It's worth ringing around for several quotes though.

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