We're a family of 2 adults, 1 baby, soon to be 2 babies. We're relocating from Nelson to Dunedin for the second baby, and will try to stay there for a while.

We want to rent a house or apartment, and are wondering what neighborhoods would best fit us.

Here's what we'd like:

1) Within ~30 minutes walking distance of city center and the botanic garden.

2) Preferably not too hilly, since we'll be with a stroller. (I know this might be difficult in Dunedin)

3) Neat, quiet neighbors. (So, not those trashy student streets.)

4) Warm (for the babies); I guess this means we need sun, unless we can safely rely on heat pump and/or oil heaters.

Which neighborhoods would you recommend?

I've heard Maori Hill mentioned repeatedly as a nice place, but that's up a hill. We drove up it once a couple months ago. I don't remember if there was a nice sidewalk (or trail) into town or not. Saint Clair is supposed to be nice, but that's a bit long of a walk to city center.

How often does it get frosty and icy in Dunedin? And when does, are those steep sidewalks unsafe for a pregnant women with a stroller? Can people rely on buses in those conditions?