Hmm I know this topic has been covered/discussed quite many times. However, I am in the big problematic situation here. My wife's company is willing to keep her as an employee even though she's will moving to New Zealand. However, her boss was asking her couple of questions...such as how's the connection, how much does it cost for this kind of services, and is it unlimited connection? and etc.

Now I checked so many broadband companies and mostly are 10Gb limit, however Telecom provides the "Navigate" ones which will keep staying on the broadband connection even though pass the limit of 10Gb. But, it will be charged .2 per megabyte. Now that would not be good enough, wouldn't it?? because the nature of her work would be exceeding that limitations. (she's a software engineer)

any thoughts from internet/computer/IT experts ? :cool :smile :smile