I could really do with some help to hopefully ease my peace of mind!
Have submitted ITA (April 2010), only to be asked to provide my registration from NZ Teacher's Council, which unfortunately I was unaware I had to provide. After discussing the matter with INZ I have sent my application off to NZQA for my full assessment, (only had pre-assessment- level 7).
This is where nightmare has begun; they have requested so much info all of which is going to take time. I have spoken to INZ who have ALL other requested info to process and they said to get registartion to them asap. My concern is that there will be a limit to how long they are prepared to wait, (some documents I need to get are taking between 4-6 weeks to come!!) and either process my application without registration from T C or just reject it. Can anyone throw any light on this issue please.
Thanks, Nikki.