So, I've made it to NZ (finally!) but my OH is still enroute, a week delayed, because Iceland apparently wanted its ashes scattered across Europe.

I've been in Pt. England for a week now and really like the neighbourhood, love the park across the road, and the lovely view of the sea as well. But a random chat with a neighbour and she tells me her husband was just bashed up not far from here as he walked from the bus stop. A week before I arrived, a girl actually ran into the home I'm staying in for protection from being bashed up.

Was this just an unlucky string of violence or the norm? I've heard quite a few stories about how unsafe it is here, which is really unfortunate because I love it. Mind you, I'd prefer something closer to CBD but was willing to settle here although my mind is changing every day since.

Just wanted your thoughts on the area... any??