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Thread: AA used car warranty?

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    Default AA used car warranty?

    I'm wondering what I might expect for pricing on used car warranty from AA.

    More specifically a 99-02 Toyota Celica, with probably 100k-120k km on the odometer.

    Also, is AA the best deal for used car warranty, or does anyone recommend a different company?

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    Hi Zoe305,

    Have you tried getting a quote from the AA site ?

    Can't really help with your question about whether AA is the best deal as I don't make use of it

    (own a NZ new car so already covered for warranty),

    but hopefully someone who does have experience with it will chime in soon.

    Hope this helps...



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    For a 10year old Toyota we were quoted around $1000 for 3year warranty by most dealers. Dealer we purchased from discounted it to $650 for 3years

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    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but there's a bit of a question over the value of these warranties.

    They won't cover you for normal wear and tear, and the excess means you won't claim on them for minor faults.

    Any major faults (even on a 10 year old car) are covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act anyway if you buy from a dealer.

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