I disagree.

We have had the whole privatisation debarcle in Australia. The trains stopped running, the power failed and everything got dearer not cheaper. The problem is in the implementation, and since our government and probably NZ's also are an impressive combination of incompetence and corruption and totally unaccountable the implementation of privatisation of essential monopolies has been a disaster.

Your should privatise power generation, retain ownership and veto of the distribution grid for government and the private suppliers handle retail and pay proportionally for access to the grid. Likewise telephones, rail etc.

Also realise that hydro is not the eco neutral solution you may think it is.

Private industry is driven by economics. This is the essential problem with fission. Fission is like a train running downhill, if the brakes fail it runs away. Fusion is the opposite. Private companies see a meltdown as a cost of doing business. If it's cheaper to compensate than avoid that is what they will do. Xeon fought the valdez fines all the way to the high court and the legal bills ended up a fraction of the fines, and of course they are tax deductable. Watch BP do the same trick. Ask the Alaskan fishermen how well they cmae out of that.

I'll post my electricity charges tomorrow. Very interesting data that.