With 16 weeks to go, I have the slight feeling that I am missing something.

16 Weeks to go:
a. Find JOB!
b. Check on things in Colorado
c. Say good bye to my dogs Peanut and Pepper
d. Have household goods shipped (If I have a job)
e. Have motorcycle & gear, camping gear, rafting gear, and snowboard shipped to Auckland
f. Get hair done
g. Find JOB!
h. Visit with family in Dallas
i. Say goodbye to my darling truck
j. Get insurance per the WHV requirement
k. Find JOB!
l. Make sure I have a place to live in NZ
m. Make sure my company has procured my plane ticket to Auckland
n. Find JOB!
o. Ship stuff from Kuwait to Auckland
p. Book parents holiday tickets (If and only if they have gotten their passports like instructed)
q. Get on the plane to NZ