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Thread: Collecting a Dog from Auckland Airport

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    Default Collecting a Dog from Auckland Airport

    Hi folks,

    Having just arrived in NZ I thought I'd share some info on collecting my dog as it isn't always obvious.

    Our dog was shipped from the UK to Auckland a few days after we left by Golden Arrow - who were excellent.

    Our collection instructions told us to go to "the cargo centre" at Auckland airport about an hour after the dog's flight had arrived. I did try to google the location of "the cargo centre" to no avail.

    Anyway, we arrived at the airport at 6.00am and it took us a bit of driving around and asking before we found where to go - and when we did it was by accident when we saw someone walking a dog.

    Basically we headed for the Domestic terminal and turned right before the roundabout. I think this area is "the cargo centre". Our dog arrived on an NZ flight so we went to "Air New Zealand Cargo Imports". There were other airline's cargo places nearby.

    When we arrived the papers were not ready, but after doing the initial paperwork and making sure everything was alright I was allowed to sit with my dog (who was doing a great job of waking the whole airport) while my wife went to Customs and sorted more paperwork.

    The whole process took around 2 hours but the people dealing with us were very professional and helpful.

    My dog didn't seem the slightest worried about having travelled across the world but was thirsty and hungry.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share this incase it helps anyone.

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    So glad you are reunited now. Golden Arrow brought ours across for us about 6 weeks ago.

    I know what you mean. We found the same thing when we picked ours up from Christchurch Airport. We luckily found out, as we had to visit customs house for paperwork for another parcel, that if we went early, we could clear the paperwork before the arrival of the animals.

    So we went to Air NZ cargo in Christchurch (having googled where it was) and collected the paperwork, headed to Customs house and headed back and were waiting for the dog and cat who arrived there about 1/2 hr after landing (Having already cleared MAF in Auckland).

    We had been told we would need cash for customs and the amounts had already been stated. By the time the dog and cat appeared we were able to take them straight away without waiting for paperwork and trailing 1/2 mile across the complex and back. We are eternally grateful to the Customs Officer who told us we could clear the paperwork before the flight came in. Note this may only be in Christchurch (as animals clear MAF in Auckland) but for anyone with pets coming in it is worth checking.

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    Thanks XonXoff,
    This is a great help as we'll be doing this in the not too distant future.
    It's often the seemingly obvious advice that really helps, so
    Glad you and pooch are reunited and all went well.
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    Yay! Glad your doggy made it ok

    Happy travels to your final destination!

    Hello to whole family from everyone back here at Teds!
    (yes, I'm that Sophie..)

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