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Thread: ESTA reminder

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    Default ESTA reminder

    Need to travel through or to the US in the next two years?

    The americans start to charge $14 pp for the (ridiculous) ESTA application next week, from September 8th.

    One can still do the ESTA application for free at and it's valid for two years. You don't need to give any flight details in the application.

    Just did it for us a few days ago and several friends have done it as well.

    ESTA applies to the countries that are part of the US VIsa Waiver Program, ie. you fill the green form when you go the US.

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    Got my ESTA in preparation for my journey to Auckland via Los Angeles last month to ensure I didn't have to pay.

    However, as I now need to renew my UK passport in the next six months and the ESTA expires with the passport then I've not really saved much.

    What I should have done was renew my passport BEFORE getting my blue stickers and before getting my ESTA.

    Oh well, better luck next time

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    Thanks for the heads up. Didn't realise there would be a charge and luckily my passport is still current for another few years.

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    Thanks for the reminder petri. We did this on Tuesday as our US visas expire once I leave my current job.

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