We have recently made the move from Cape Town to New Zealand and decided to take the majority of our household goods with us.

We ended up with a 40ft container, but it has been worth it as furniture & electrical goods are a little more expensive over in NZ.

If anyone out there is planning to make this move from CT to NZ, I can TRULY recommend the removal company we used.

They are a CT-based , family owned company, but have been doing this for a number of years.

They were excellent and made the whole process SO much easier for us! Apart from a broken glass & glass dish, we have had no damage.

They make use of local NZ agents and the customs, offloading and MAF inspection was arranged very efficiently this end.

We are not based in Auckland, so the container was brought by road right to our doorstep.

We brought most of our gardening & camping equipment, but had no problem as it was cleaned thoroughly & repainted where necessary.