Hi, Where moving back to NZ in a couple of months from Adelaide. We have collected so much stuff over here including 3 children. We have so much stuff now and even with selling off some junk we would still manage to fill a 20ft container. The quotes we received were high and we are looking at organising it ourselves.
I come from a shipping background and my only concern so far is how to pack a container without damaging all your stuff. Has anyone had a container delivered to there door and packed it themselves? Any tips or ideas would be fabulous. Or has anyone looked inside the container when professionals have packed the container? Im guessing we need to get a whole lot of cardboard, boxes and bubble wrap and put 2 / 3 layers of cardboard around any furniture and try and pack the stuff in tightly to avoid movement?
Did you get insurance? Im thinking we would cover the container going missing and / or if the container was droped or damaged but I was thinking that an insurance company would not be interested in covering you for damaged goods if you pack it yourself?

Can someone tell me what PR stands for?