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Thread: Christmas gifts

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    Happy holidays to you, too, Den.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mgee View Post
    I'm sending some DVDs (Sione's wedding, Boy etc) for a film buff friend, CDs (Gin Whigmore, Shihad) for my sis, some possum/merino knitting wool, a Kiwi cookbook for a friend who loves to cook, a ta moko -inspired t-shirt for my brother (he plays guitar in a heavy metal band, so that's a good gig t-shirt as it's very rock'n roll), kiwi bird shaped cookie cutters for my cousin who collects cookie cutters, some locally made cosmetics etc. The most obvious Kiwiana items are some calendars I'm sending to my aunts.
    I'm on my eighth kiwi Christmas now (and it still feels odd being hot) and apart from my first Christmas and this year I have found NZ varieties of whatever my family are interested in. My sister is a movie buff so she gets the latest kiwi DVDs (she loved the Aramoana movie and Black Sheep), my dad likes nature so anything with a kiwi or other native bird goes down well. My old school friend gets chocolate and I send NZ toys for her kids (BUzzy Bee and the Wot Wots are age appropriate).

    This year is slightly different in that I have bought them each a RWC ticket for when they visit next year so have sent them the usual calendar and somehting else that's small.

    I think next year I will shop early and send them home in October with their Christmas presents!

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