Folks - just thought I'd pass this on. I know that at any given time on the forum there's folks out there who are getting quotes for their shipping.

Would just like to say that - so far - Britannia have been FANTASTIC.

As you may or may not know, we're having abit of hassle with the exchange of contracts for of the house sale, I've had to cancel the shippers twice already.

They are due here next Monday but I had to call them today to say that things may have to be postponed again. I felt dreadful phoning them, aware that I was probably causing them alot of hassle.

They were brilliant, told me not to waste one moment worrying about it. They had booked the actual container for next Wednesday but they can easily cancel it. They have given me until Thursday morning to say yay or nay. If I have to postpone again they said that they would move heaven and earth (excuse the pun) to fit me in at our convenience.

Their actualy words were "it's not your fault Mrs Norrie - it's the fault of the system".

All this wonderful customer service and they were the cheapest (bar one) quote.

So ....... if I had to recommend a shipping co ...... I'd go for Britannia.

Of course ........ my final opinion may be very different but .....