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Thread: A star is born..........

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    Default A star is born..........

    ...well 5 to be precise and when I say star I really mean someone that was shoved in front of a camera and played along with the "game" cos it meant a chance to get out to NZ.

    Aunty Beeb called the other day and told us that the next series of Wanted Down Under is to be shown starting on the 3rd of jan and that our episode is to be shown on the 6th.

    Now worried sick as to how we will come across and how the programme has been edited to suit the producers needs.

    We know for a fact that the "families messages" that we were shown were a complete cut and paste job to make it look more emotional.

    At one point the my Dad stopped talking because he felt he was waffling on and they have added this moment in somewhere else to make him look as though he was getting a bit cut up.

    Somehow I do not think Bafta will be calling us anytime soon but what the heck we were very fortunate to be chosen and it gave us the chance to get out to NZ which we could not have done on our own, so for that we are very grateful.

    Have a great Christmas one and all.

    Andrew & Tracy

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    Oh, rats!

    I was looking forward to seeing you, and won't because of being here on holiday in NZ when it airs.

    ( I expect they'll do a repeat sometime, though.)

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    Gah! I'd love to see it too ) Is there a sneaky way??

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